Flurry couldn't contain her excitement when Santa called on her and Snow to help Rudolph and his crew. She packed so much luggage that they had to borrow Santa's Volkswagen to bring it all!! She loves traveling and makes flurry take selfies at every stop!  


Who's this snowman? Only YOU know! 

Download our Snowman Creator Pack and post a pic on your Instagram! In 2022 we will be bring a new Snowman to life on our YouTube series, but until then... post a pic of your snowman creation on Instagram and tag us. Each week we will do a Facebook live featuring a new creation and if it's yours, you'll WIN a FREE HOLIDAY MAKEOVER at Storybook Station and four Regal Cinemas Movie Tickets provided by Windward Mall ! 



Snow likes to claim she's the boss because she's the older sister... but Flurry is always the one who calls the shots! Snow makes sure everyone is on time and on key. She knows Santa and Rudolph are counting on her, so there is no time for waste! 

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Bring your Snowman to LIFE and catch our Youtube Series coming in 2022
but WIN a free makeover and Regal Cinemas Movie Tickets NOW!  
*Post your Snowman on our Instagram and tag @_FlurryandSnow_ @WindwardMall @StorybookHawaii to win a makeover and Regal Cinemas movie tickets provided by Windward Mall! 
New winners each week! 


Follow us on Instagram as we make our way across the country!  @_FlurryandSnow #FlurryAndSnowShow


Catch our LIVE Sing Along show Every Saturday and Sunday (Starting Dec 5th) at 11am! Also catch our extra shows leading up to Christmas on Dec 22nd, 23rd and 24th! 

Center Court


The ELF Education Station

Join our friends to learn how to be a REAL elf! Pass all the tests and you'll go home with a goodybag and graduation certificate autographed by Flurry and Snow themselves! 

Center Court 


Walk-ins welcome! No reservations needed 

School Shows! 

Invite us to your school and we will introduce the kids to Flurry and Snow with our mini-sing-along LIVE Holiday show! We don't take a penny for these shows but we can't accommodate all requests once our season is full! So send us a request ASAP and we will see what we can do! 


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